Sásta Shamhna

Happy Samhain. Today is a European holiday commemorating summer’s end. But it was more in antiquity. It began the new year. The Bronze Age calendar, found on a rock carving of a woman, claims 13 months with exactly 28 days each and a New Year’s Day (Samhain) which doesn’t belong to a day of week nor month of year. It’s not a Saturday or Sunday, not part of the normal week and belongs to no month – it’s simply Samhain.

According to the ancient calendar, one can work backwards from the winter solstice (an observable solar event) to find the New Year’s Day occurs on October 29. October 31 is just the modern attributed date, done amongst other things to prevent Europeans from practicing their culture since Christinzation.

Midnight was actually at 9:00PM, since the sun most commonly sets in Europe at that hour. (This is why we say “night and day”, by the way.) And since each month is 28 days, all the dates occur on the same weekday each year – Oct. 28 occurs only on Saturdays, (the new day falls between these two weekend days), Oct. 30 always falls on a Sunday, and Oct. 31 belongs on a Monday, etc. Also, did you notice that today, October 29, is a Saturday? That means all the dates of the year after today will fall on the same days of the week as they did in ancient times. On leap years, Samhain actually lasts two days. European astronomy made this the most accurate calendar from ancient times.

I’ll upload a calendar template I’m working on, but I’ll add festivals and the modern holidays to show that most of what we celebrate today has been originally perverted into Christian theology since late Roman times. As part of our mission to make Europe European again (a play on Donald Trump’s slogan), we need to ignore the Gregorian calendar which is meant to keep us atheist Christians and instead observe the decree of the feminine rock carving in Bohuslan, Sweden.

Abandon the Judeo-Christian calendar today! Follow the true calendar of the European people. You can observe the year 2016-2017 since there’s no real alternative yet, but the festivals coordinated with our own calendar were the cornerstone of our religion and culture. With it, you can follow our traditional ways, practice superior morality, purify our bodies and spirits, and maintain honor. Take this first step towards the stars now!

2016 Was Prepping Awareness Year

In case you never visited the defunct links RonPaulMessage14.com or RonPaulMessage88.com because his websites were being censored and shut down, the world is not a very stable place. The new world order will soon collapse and things will get a lot less nicer, and to survive we need to be even less nicer. I’ll keep it brief for now. We need to stock up on food, ammo, weapons, materials, books and kill shots if we want to avoid dying from the hardest collapse and most dramatic societal change since going into the digital age, or even since the industrial revolution.

Most people believe we only have to survive a financial collapse, which is true in the short run. Fractional reserve banking was legalized and became the founding principle for the bank of England. This sped the development of technology at first, but now it speeds the degradation of society. We see alas too late that it’s going too fast – towards a cliff off a planetary-sized mountain – and really, technology has always advanced too fast for human races. Once resources become too tight, the US dollar will collapse and so will all economies. I believe this will occur before 2020.

We have another problem that can happen in our lifetime which we never dreamt of – solar flares. Being anywhere near metal when they make Earthfall is where concern lies. The tiny 1859 Carrington event still caused major problems for telegraph stations, which were the biggest conductors for electricity back then, and gave electric shocks to operators. But every five or six thousand years, a storm hits like clockwork that’s about 10,000 times stronger than the Carrington sun storm. That’s many times stronger than an EMP. Now, multiply that by how much metal and other electricity conducting technology we use in 2016. Raising an eyebrow yet? It would probably wipe out untold numbers of the population, which is really what the Earth needs to prevent its desolation.

Finally, an occurence that isn’t so pressing: we are entering a new ice age. Officials still favor global warming mania over genuine studies. Every ice age for the last 1.5-2.5 million years follows the same pattern: ice ages last for around 100,000 years each, separated by warmer interglacial periods of 10-12,000 years. Well, now… it’s been 12,000 years. Reports are surfacing of gradual cooling and glaciation whose rate indicates the ice age will fully return by the end of this millenium. Even an unusually cold period similar to the one from 1645-1715 is predicted to begin by 2030.

Most are only aware of the financial crisis as a challenger to the reign of Jewry’s international monarchy, but they don’t realize there’s actually three contenders. A super solar storm could very well send its few survivors back to the stone age in a flash, and a “mini ice age” will most likely cull the population even if the worldwide meltdown has not happened by then. The good news is that non-Europeans do not survive long in the extreme cold, and not even all the “sunshine vitamins” in the world can save them. Any of these events alone could disrupt civilization as we know it. But when all three happen, it will certainly end. This is probably why most evidence of past technology or advancement disappears every ice age. We’ll be forced to live a low-tech lifestyle as nomads hunting and gathering in the eternal winter wilderness.

Animis opibusque parati – prepare in minds and resources (be ready for anything).

“How to Spot a Jew” by SmartWhiteGuy

(Originally posted on MurderByMedia [Before he got shoahed the first time.])

I’ve become rather adept at spotting Jews and am going to share my tips, sources being experience, old German/Russian texts, and true stereotypes. NOTE: these features are not seen in all Jews, but are recurring traits and commonly seen. Some Jews may have none of these.

Ironically the hooked nose is among the least consistent features of a Jew, many of them have either bred it out or gotten plastic surgery. The Jew nose is easily confused with a Roman nose, the difference being a Jew nose archs up at a point and then slopes down at a more acute angle, the Roman nose archs up and then more gradually slopes down to a horizontal, flat “bottom”. There is far less incline and horizontal protrusion in a Roman nose, the Jew nose is a more drastic incline and generally protrudes further outwards.

Another trait that is common especially among male Jews is “fleshy” or “baggy” skin under their eye, they’re more likely to have “wrinkles” directly under their eye even at a young age.

A third trait is a prominent, or protruding lower lip, although this is particularly seen is more “masculine” looking Jews, and is rarer due to it being bred out over time.

A fourth trait is prominent, protruding, “elephant” ears, seen in the likes of Paul Reuben.

More qualities of a Jew include a short stature, awkward non-athletic body, and sunken eyes. Dark brown, beady eyes are the most common eye color of a Jew, although Jews may have eye colors of any types. A weak jaw line is common among Jews. Receding hairlines are very common among older male Jews. Among Hasidics and young male Jews, pale skin is very common, because they rarely go outside. If you see a prominent figure who appears to be white but just appears “off”, or strange, I found it’s a good rule of thumb to assume their Jewish, and are either inbred or undergone plastic surgery (which is another BIG trait among wealthier Jews, plastic surgery).

Dark hair that ranges from tightly curled to frizzy to wavy is a common Jewish trait. Jews with this hair patronize only Jewish barbers because Gentiles can’t cut it right. Men often wear it close-cropped to fit in better with the white goyim.

Bellis, Rabbi Martin, Trotsky, Brother Nathaniel honorary goy, Adam Sandler, Anne Franke, Gesnler, and Zuckerberg all have classic Jewish hair.

Keep in mind that unmixed white people with black hair are almost nonexistent. Southern Europeans with a bit of moorish blood have that black straight hair, as do whites and latinos with south American Indian in them. If they have black hair and no tint to their skin at all you’re looking at a Jew.

<a href=”http://uptowncollective.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Anthony-Weiner-Sexter.jpg“>Anthony Weiner</a> is one of the most horrifying kikes I have seen! (Even his nose looks like a shark swimming straight at you!)

My Strategy:

1 – Pattern recognition: by trying to see similarity with a known jew.

When one looks at and studies pictures of a large number of jews in mainstream culture (like the pics posted here), and familiarzes himself with their facial features, it would be easy to spot the new ones. Oh, this guy looks like CuckRogan, and CuckRogan is a Jew, bingo!

2 – By elimination: For Scandinavia, Germany, Britain: I ask myself, does this person look like pure Brit/Nordic/German? If not, candidate for being a Jew. eg: Jack Straw, Miliband brothers.

3 – Imagine the person with a Yarmulke (skull cap).

Hard to spot: Scarlet Johansen types are tricky. (false positive: Murdoch?) Jews are gene stealers. I believe Jews looked like Arabs before they went to Europe centuries ago. But what did the original semite looked like? (Probably like <a href=”http://new.rejesus.co.uk/images/area_uploads/faces/faces_bbc.jpg“>this guy</a> who they say was Jesus based on various nearby random remains… let’s bathe in this presumptuous conviction.)


Eloquent speakers and erudite writers alike already walk a tight rope and, to prevent an audience’s boredom, also juggle with being concise by bearing multa paucis in mind, meaning “say much in few words”. I am naturally wordy and repetitive (I’m more of a speaker) so especially I need to apply this principle.

I read old books and behold art before our time, and language back then was superior to ours. I understand so much better with so little, it’s shocking. My fascination with early modern English, its best representative, comes not from its peculiar grammar and syntax but how richer it is to those studying it.

The King James Bible, Shakespeare’s complete works, Ford’s Translation of Mein Kampf, and Wagner’s Ring, whose DVD translation from the 1990 performance at the New York Met all blew me away as impeccable examples of written English and it still affects how I write.

Anyhow, I researched and realized that all languages have devolved over time, explaining why it seems weird when it’s actually challenging. Languages were passed down orally until recently (4,000 years ago), and as we genetically dull and weaken, comprehension of even modern language fades and we only need to watch teenagers spell and hear black people talk to be convinced.

The further back in language “development” we go, the richer words and grammar became. We also had words for things and concepts we don’t use commonly use. One such example is “love”, which used to have separate terms for reproductive love, biological love, tough love, divine love, love for nature, and so forth… and replaced it with just “love”. So they fall into disuse. We would now also say “What else do you want to know?” or “Do you know enough yet or what?”… rather than just “Would you know more?”.

We had more of what it took to master our tongue in ancient times. We used fewer terms with filler and more well-chosen words with more meaning. We adopted what made sense even if it hadn’t existed. If you still don’t follow, then my unpracticed language naturally sucks. The earliest known version of any language is the richest <em>and</em> the simplest. There’s a reason Shakespeare’s influence on English hasn’t been surpassed even after 400 years.

Languages don’t evolve: they either stay rich and complex or degenerate (over decades) because its natives lack the mental capacity or the incentive to learn them properly.
– Varg Vikernes of Burzum

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My Website’s Symbol



This is a triskel/ion. This particular one is rare and, when found, is mostly either in artwork or on artifacts from ancient Celtic sites in Europe. This is all the fruit that my hours of research bears.

One other thing. A folk metal band from Switzerland called Eluveitie used it on their 2012 album Helvetios. Their 2010s music is a cheap rip-off of their excellent 2000s output. Unfortunately, they have always been politically correct and have proven this by joining an undoubtedly Jew-sponsored group called Metalheads Against Racism, to prevent their minimal affiliation with us from driving down their labels’ profits.


This is to me one of the most profound Gaelic or Celtic symbols (matched only by the Newgrange, Ireland burial mound) created by our culture, and to have such an almost-unheard of symbol misappropriated for anti-European purposes makes me violently angry. So to combat this, I’m re-appropriating this complex, imaginative and even adventurous triskelion to my blog to make it pro-European, realist and racist again… instead of the cucked liberal pot-smoking SJWs that are neo-Pagans.

I have found four designs, but this one is not only my favorite, it best describes me in a word – or rather, a symbol – and it best sums up the mission of my blog.


About (Fill in the Blank)

I archived all four of my trivial “about” updates into one post for future convenience.

About Contact:

World’s most creative title award expected soon… I have updated my contact page at the top of this blog and changed the name to “Contact Guestbook” to make its new purpose clear.

About Me About:

Irish slang and humor will conquer this blog! “Irish I was Irish!” slurred a Scot named Scott… I have also now updated my “about” page and added my pseudonym in the title to show it has been changed from its generic introductory message (as was partly the purpose with the “contact” page) into a satisfactory Irish ramble about meself.

One More About (Or Three):

This is my last “about” update. I’ve been about the abouts about all evening now. I have uploaded a one-paragraph explanation of my unique doctrine called Originism to my primary menu , which is where I obviously derive my pseudonym. It’s a long-forgotten blueprint to European victory which the Jews have worked to eradicate since they were first race-mixed into existence in the chaos between the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Besides me and Odalism (the movement most closely resembling my beliefs), no other “-ism” on Earth comes close to representing what our ancestors believed in just a few thousand years ago. In fact, the last time we took a conscious and genuine step backwards from degeneration was in the golden era of ancient Sparta. Now that my page is completely set up, all I have left to do is add everybody to the blog-roll… then I can just plug and play.

My Eternal Slogan:

I lied; this is my last one. Rather than sign every blog with it, I pinned an explanation of 100% European (in Body AND Mind) to my menu, as it will still be seen over and over again until understood by heart. 0% African isn’t as good, and it doesn’t tell us anything except that we were saved from an insult.